OBD-2 (OBD-II; OBD2; OBDII) or On-Board Diagnostics is a major standardization update to hardware and software. There are many changes to OBD-2 ECUs over OBD-1 or non-standardized systems. For tuning, the most notable is that they do not have sockets for chip replacement and are not commonly modified to be chipped. While it can be done on a few models, by far the most common practice is to flash the ECU either while installed in the vehicle or on a bench flasher.

SSSQUID Services

  • Can I chip my ODB-2 ECU?
    • While it’s possible to chip some OBD-2 ECUs, it requires desoldering an SMD (Surface Mounted Device) EEPROM, then soldering in a specific socket to accept a chip.
      • This method is incredibly uncommon, as an ODB-2 flash is quicker, cheaper, easier, and more reliable.
  • Do you offer ODB-2 reflash services?
    • We sure do! See here!
      • We prefer to flash OBD-2 in-person for part and working order verification — just in-case tech support is required.
      • However, we do offer “ship-in-reflashing”, or “SIR“. Similar to an OTN (over-the-net) chip, a SIR tune will be the best possible tune we can provide without having direct access to the vehicle.
  • Are there benefits to ODB-2 reflashing?
    • Aside from the standard SSSQUID power and economy gains, you’ll also have the opportunity to log data during normal operation, send that to us, and receive a fully customized tune. Please contact us to get setup!