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The SSSMCK (SSSQUID MAF CONVERSION KIT) is the first and only retail-level kit that not only properly reads and filters a MAF signal for use with a stock ECU and tune, but also allows live data-logging with our Buoy application.

It is plug-and-play and can directly replace the stock VAM. The kit can properly convert a variety of different MAF signals into a signal a stock ECU can process. What this means is that this kit does NOT require a special tune to work. However, when using the Variable TPS or MAP Sensor add-ons, a retune is almost always required.

This kit is designed to work with the BMW M20, M30, M40, M42, and S14 engines. However, due to a lack of availability, the kit only comes with a plug-and-play harness for M20/M30 engines. For use with M40/42 and S14 engines, there is some custom wiring required (cutting, splicing, and soldering).

At the moment, the SSSMCK does require the purchase of a MAF. The kit includes a connector that can be wired (by us or by you) to the MAF connection of your choice. Why is it not all-in-on? Because it is designed to handle a variety of different MAFs as well as additional add-ons such as the Variable TPS kit or the MAP Sensor kit. MAFs are by-far the most common and most reliable choice, and are the only sensors that can be used on a stock, un-tuned ECU.

Converting from the VAM to the MAP Sensor will change your vehicle's tuning to what's known as Alpha-N tuning, which uses engine RPM and throttle position to determine operational values.

Converting from the VAM to the MAP Sensor will change your vehicle's tuning to what's known as Speed Density tuning, which uses engine RPM and manifold air pressure to determine operational values.

You can find the kit for purchase HERE


At the moment the kit is in pre-release format. What this means is that it uses 3D-printed components along with early software and hardware. While it works perfectly well for most applications, there may be small bugs or glitches we are still working on. Please keep this in mind and CONTACT US with any issues or bugs you encounter and we will fix them as quickly as possible.

You can find the kit for purchase HERE


The software used to control the SSSMCK is an all-in-one data-logging and flashing tool called Buoy. You can read more about it here: SSSMCK/BUOY


Installation instructions can be viewed on the INSTALLATION page!


The SSSMCK has an LED that displays operation and errors, internal error checking that can output specific codes to Buoy for diagnostics, dynamic short-term and long-term corrections, and the ability to tune various parameters.

Read more about this on the USER MANUAL page!

Supported Sensors

Please expect this list to grow as we develop the kit further!


  • 0280218002
  • 0280218003
  • 0280217502
  • 0280218069
  • 0280217800
  • 0280217803
  • 0280217806


  • 0280203027
  • 0280202134
  • 0280202203
  • 0280202082
  • 0280202025
  • 0280202083
  • 0280202091
  • 0280202130
  • 0280203028
  • 0280202064